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Fencing 101

Fence Materials 101

Residential Fencing

There are many benefits to installing a fence around your home. Not only can a fence add beauty to your home’s exterior, but it can further protect your home, adding an additional layer of defense from any possible intruders. A fence keep humans out of your yard, but it can also keep some animals out (and in) too. A fence can also add value to your property. Fences can be a large investment, but they will stand the test of time (if you use LC Fence). If you have a well maintained fence on your property, home buyers will make note of it, and your homes property value and curb appeal will increase! There are many fence materials to choose from. Now that we have gone over the importance and benefits of fencing, we can explore all of the materials and styles we have to offer for residential properties at Loudon County Fence!

Wood Fencing

A wood fence is one of the most common forms of fencing, especially in Knoxville, TN. We offer pressure treated pine, as well as western red cedar. However, western red cedar is much more expensive and does not last as long as our pine fences. For our wood fencing, we have three different styles for you to choose from. Wood fencing is classic and timeless and can add a rustic charm to your property.

Wood and metal fencing by LC Fence in Knoxville, TN.

A privacy fence is exactly what it sounds like. Privacy fences are meant to keep prying eyes away, as well as add security. Many homeowners opt for a privacy fence so they can feel more comfortable being in their yard, away from neighbors and passing cars. A privacy fence can deter potential intruders and can keep children and pets safe in the comfort of the yard. Additionally, a privacy fence can keep wild animals out of your yard, which is beneficial if you live in a more rural or woodsy area!


Like all fences, a picket fence adds security and beauty to the exterior of a home. Picket fences are like privacy fences, but they have space between each post, or picket, there is space to add some transparency to the fence. These fences have been around for decades, and are associated with safety and security, while still having pleasing aesthetics.

Shadow Box

Shadow box fences are like picket fences in the sense of opacity, but shadow box fences provide more privacy than the traditional picket fence does. A shadow box fence is a semi-private fence that is more visually appealing than most privacy fences. In a sense, shadow box fences are a combination pf privacy and picket fences.

Wooden fencing has many advantages. For starters, wood fences are aesthetically pleasing and can provide a rustic feel for your home. They can be quickly installed and can be replaced easily if damaged. Wood fences also offer a lot of privacy and can boost the property value. With the right style, you can install a wooden fence that can give your home a new and improved look!

Chain Link Fencing

While some of our fencing options are more expensive, we still have cost-efficient options. Our chain link fence is the most cost-efficient of our fence options, and it is very durable. We use galvanized chain link for our installations and provide the option for black vinyl coated, adding an ornamental look for your fence. Although chain link fencing may not look as aesthetically pleasing as a classic wood or wrought iron fence, it is strong, durable, and provides long lasting security. Chain link fences are very popular because of their practicality. They are affordable, low maintenance, and provide visibility and security.

Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fencing is also referred to as aluminum, which provides sophisticated beauty long-lasting security. Although this is our most expensive option, it comes with a lifetime warranty. This type of fencing can drastically increase the property value of your home. Whether you prefer for your fence to be aluminum or steel, our material is powder coated, and we have the one perfect for you! Aluminum is one of the most durable materials for fencing. It is not vulnerable to corrosion, and you do not need to finish it with a protective finishing to prevent rusting. Another benefit of aluminum fencing is that it can also resist moisture damage!

Those are our materials and styles for our residential fences. We offer free residential fencing quotes, provided within 24 hours of the appointment, so give us a call at (865) 988-9935 to get your free quote!

Commercial Fencing

Next, we will be providing information on commercial fencing. If you own a business and want to provide it with enhanced security, you’ve come to the right place. We provide perimeter security and access control products to businesses, industries, and the government. While there are many ways to secure your space, we have many options. We offer perimeter fencing, every style of security fencing, and access control products for you.

Chain Link

Once again, we have chain link fences. However, chain link fences for residential and commercial properties are different. For commercial fencing, we use commercial/industrial grade chain link, which is thicker and stronger than residential grade chain link. For additional security for your business or property, we offer the addition of razor wire! Another part of our commercial services is called “warehouse fence”.  This is where we install an interior fence, such as cages and storage areas. Commercial chain link fences still have all the same benefits as residential ones, but these benefits are just enhanced!

Ornamental Fencing

Once again, ornamental fencing is also referred to as aluminum. The residential and commercial aluminum fences look similar, but the sizes are different. There is a difference in thickness between the two, providing a stronger fence, which will last longer. An ornamental fence provides businesses with security and elegance. Not only is it secure, but it is durable and long-lasting, which is perfect for businesses!

Dumpster Gates

If you’re looking for a discrete way to store your dumpster at your business, we also offer dumpster gates! This allows for your dumpster to be concealed and stored away in a safe and secure space. We offer different materials for dumpster gates, such as wood and chain link, so give us a call to learn more about our dumpster gates for your property!

Automated Gates and Turnstiles

We also offer operated gates as an option for business who lack automatic gates and are looking to invest in one! We can give you a quote on a variety of options based on which one would work best for your business. We would also be glad to help with any automated turnstile needs!

Not only do we provide excellent craftsmanship, but we provide affordable and competitive pricing. We have done work all over Knoxville, including work on Neyland Stadium, as well as other spots around The University of Tennessee’s campus.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional work and professionalism and we are here to provide you with a more safe and secure home or business. If you’re looking to install fencing for your home or business, it is important to work with experts who are passionate about giving clients our best work.

Our mission is to provide quality fencing that is beautiful, functional, and constructed to last. Our installation services come with a two-year work warranty. For more information on our competitive pricing and quotes, please give us a call at (865) 988-9935.