Enhance Your Property's Security, Privacy and Appeal with Residential Fencing

From classic wood fences to modern ornamental designs, find the perfect residential fencing solution with LC Fence. Elevate your home's security and style today.

At LC Fence, we bring our expertise in residential fencing to ensure the safety and security of your home and loved ones. We are a fully\ licensed and insured contractor in the State of Tennessee (license #54371), committed to delivering top-tier fencing solutions for your residential needs. Our dedication to creating secure, attractive, and functional fencing for homeowners sets us apart.

Residential Fence Styles and Options:

In the red clay of East Tennessee, pressure-treated pine is the ideal choice for long-lasting wood fences. While we do offer western red cedar, it's important to note that it's twice as expensive and lasts only half as long. We believe in authenticity, and that's why we recommend pressure-treated pine. Our custom-made gates will perfectly fit your property.
For sophistication and long-lasting security, ornamental (aluminum) fencing is the way to go. Our powder-coated material comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Whether you choose aluminum or steel, it can significantly increase your property's value.
Chain link fences are strong, durable, and provide long-lasting security. We offer both galvanized and black vinyl-coated options for added aesthetics. Privacy slats are available for those wanting extra privacy.
Vinyl fencing is a durable and low-maintenance fencing option known for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. One of the key benefits of vinyl fencing is its exceptional durability and resistance to weathering, rot, rust, and insect damage, making it ideal for both residential and commercial properties. With its long-lasting durability and easy maintenance, vinyl fencing provides an attractive and practical solution for property owners seeking a reliable and visually appealing fencing option.
If you're looking for functionality and aesthetics, consider our farm fences. Options include horse and vinyl rail fencing, all custom-made to fit your property.


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Benefits of Residential Fencing:

Investing in a residential fence goes beyond adding a physical barrier around your property. It's about safeguarding what matters most—your family, your home, and your peace of mind. At LC Fence, we understand the significance of a well-built fence that not only provides security but also enhances the beauty and functionality of your property. With years of experience in the fencing industry, we bring you top-quality fencing solutions tailored to your specific needs.