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5 Factors to Consider When Selecting A Fence For Your Business

As a business owner, you know the importance of protecting your property, employees, and customers. A fence is an excellent way to provide security and privacy while enhancing the aesthetics of your business. With so many options available, choosing the right fence can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. A fence is a large addition to any sort of property, but especially to your business.

Looking at the durability and functionality, as well as your business location and budget are a few things to begin brainstorming. Selecting the right fence for your business if you are unfamiliar with all the options can become difficult, but we are here to inform you on everything you need to know. In all, there are going to be a few different things to consider when picking the correct fence to suit all the needs of your business.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Fence

There are several types of commercial fences on the market. They are available in many different materials, colors, styles, and different levels of security. When it comes to be the time to pick a fence for your commercial business, there are a few things to highly anticipate for:


Fencing has become a large part of businesses. A fence serves many different purposes. One being improving security for your property, and another being it protects anything from getting in that you do not want in. Consider the location your business is in when accounting for crime rates.

If crime rates seem to be higher, you may need a fence that is a bit more private and secure. As well as vice versa, if you trust the area you are in, your fence may not need to be as high of security. Choosing the fence that will best fit the amount of crime and security in your area is a wise factor to consider.

Does It Add A Good Look to The Property?

Fences add great appeal from the outside. You will want to select a fence that will add a better curb appeal. It is important to match the style of your commercial building such as what your business is and taking the landscaping into consideration.

Secondly, choosing a material that goes well with the theme of your building and its surroundings. Next, you’ll want to choose the proper height that secures your property and keeps it safe, while also allowing people passing to catch a glimpse into your yard or business if you wish. With so many types of fences out there, making your business’ idea of a fence come true, it is sure to look good!

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Budget of Your Business

For many businesses, cost is one of the most critical factors when picking a fence for your business. There are lots of factors that can wager the total cost of the final product such as the type of material used, the size of the fence, and how it needs to be installed during the process.

There are a few different ways to help reduce the cost when having a commercial fence installed. One way is to select a material of less expense, but also consider the upkeep and maintenance that a lower expense fence may require in the later years. Aluminum fencing is similar in architectural style to a custom iron fence without the extra costs.

Some Fencing Options That May Work Best

Now that you know some of the things to look for and consider when picking out the perfect fence for your business, lets view some of options that may work best.

Chain Link Fence

One of the most cost-effective and popular fence options is a chain link fence. A big benefit of a chain link fence is that it provides a level of security without obstructing the view, if you are looking to keep your view available to others. It is popular across many different industries since it is so affordable and effective.

At Loudon County Fence, we utilize commercial/industrial grade chain link for businesses as opposed to the residential chain link. The commercial and industrial grade are thicker, making them a bit stronger. If you are looking for extra security, we can do the addition of razor wire.

There is also another service we can offer your business. It is called plated “warehouse fence”. Part of our commercial services is the ability to install an interior fence as well, including cages and storage areas. Typically, the chain link fence price increases as the height goes up.

Ornamental Fences

An ornamental fence is a great option for businesses that are in search for a fence that provides security, while adding a touch of elegance to the property. This type of fence may be perfect for businesses that are looking to add a more aesthetic appeal.

Ornamental fences are very durable against weather, corrosion, and rust making them last a long time for your business. Restaurants, state parks, and large businesses are just a few of the industries we have worked with in installing an ornamental fence.

Automated Gates and Turnstiles

Some businesses may be looking for automatic gates as an option. That is something that we do offer! We are able to quote you on a variety of options that would work best for your business.

For certain businesses, you may be interested in automated turnstiles. LC Fence is glad to offer automated turnstiles for your company!

Choose The Right Contractor For Your Business

A fence can really improve the look of your business from the outside, as well as add security. It can fit whatever your businesses style may be, as it comes in different colors, size, and styles. Your commercial business will be able to find a fence that fits the needs and matches the style of your business.

Selecting the best fence possible can come with a little stress, but when working with us, our hope is that it is totally stress free! We can customize a fencing product to fit both your budget and the needs you have been searching for. Whatever your reason may be for wanting to have a fence installed for your commercial business, you can find the best selection at locally and family owned Loudon County Fence LLC. When working with LC Fence, you will be getting a fully licensed and insured contractor within the state of Tennessee with over 50 years of experience! Request a free quote today to get started on getting the best fence for your business’ needs!