Are you looking for quality fence repairs in Knoxville? Luckily, you found Loudon County Fence. As the leading fencing company in Knoxville, we offer all types of fence restoration, from minor repairs to complete replacement.

Our team believes fences can offer so much more than privacy and security. Whether it’s a residential or commercial fence, the fences our technicians build can create style and add value and security for properties of all sizes. We pride ourselves as a reliable, customer-oriented company that can meet all your fencing needs. Contact us today or request a no-obligation quote, and we’ll be glad to address your fence repair needs.

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Why Is Fence Repair Important?

In addition to privacy and security, a well-kept fence enhances the look of Knoxville homes and adds market value and attractiveness to a property. However, over time, your fence can begin to fade, become stained or broken, and begin to lean or sag. If that happens, our team comes to the rescue.

Instead of spending much money building a whole new fence, we’ll repair your current fence, making it as good as new. From repainting to fixing broken posts and parts, we go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to make your home secure and beautiful again.

Common Fence Issues for Repairs

These are common issues that need to be addressed before they grow worse:

Frayed Boards

Due to weather exposure, fence boards are likely to break. Thus, they need immediate replacement before they fall over and cause damage to the other parts of your fence. Signs of damage on the fence’s boards can also create tension and cause it to fail.

Sagging/Leaning Fence

As your fence ages, it will naturally lean and sag. If you start to notice damage, such as rips or rotted support posts, it’s time to call a fence expert like us. We’ll inspect your fence and advise you on the best solutions, whether it be repairs or complete replacement.

Faded Paints

A good-looking fence will make your home look more presentable and add value to your property. However, if the color fades due to elements, it can have a negative impression on your business or property. Thus, we can paint your fence and make it look beautiful again. 

Insect Damage

To ensure the structural integrity of your wood fence, you must take preventative measures to protect against insects. Insect damage is visible and can be spotted by the presence of holes, voids, or even chewing on wood. Left untreated, insects can damage the overall structural integrity of your fence.

Get Fence Repairs in Knoxville

If your fence has fallen into disrepair and is showing signs of damage and rust, it’s time to call a fencing professional to come out and fix it. Without addressing these issues, your fence could be vulnerable to more costly damage or total replacement. Thus, we urge you to contact us or request a free estimate today. Our passionate team is always there to lend you a helping hand!

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