Residential Wood Privacy Fences

There are a lot of different styles to choose from when looking at a wooden privacy fence. You can view all of these styles in the pictures below. There are four main things to consider for installation when choosing style and company;

Are all the posts set in concrete?
At LC Fence, the answer is yes, if the posts are not concreted in they will rot and your fence will tip and fall. All posts are set feet deep and in concrete.

Pressure Treated Pine or Cedar?
In the red clay of East Tennessee, pressure treated pine is the way to go. You can go with a western red cedar, but it is twice as expensive (for the right stuff) and lasts half as long. Some companies in the area sell white cedar as a red cedar, BE ON THE LOOKOUT! Treated pine is warrantied for 12 years by the manufacture for termites and rot. Treated pine pickets can have ground contact as compared to cedar that must be three inches above the ground.

What about gates?
We use 6x6 posts as the hinge post on all of our gates to insure no future sagging; we also give a 2 year craftsmanship warranty. LC Fence also will custom build all wooden gates on site to insure the perfect fit.

Which style of privacy fence is best for me?
Just ask yourself a few questions. How much does cost play into your decision? Every time you cut an arch, add a fancy post or shadow box the fence, it adds cost to your project. LC Fence will always ask the right questions to help assist you in finding the right style for you and your home. (HOA’s often play into this decision).

If you see a picture that you like, call Loudon County Fence at 865-988-9935 or visit our CONTACT page to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting you with your fencing needs.

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