Tips for Making A Chain Link Fence More Aesthetically Pleasing

Beautifying your Chain Link Fence 

Chain link fences have a lot of benefits–they’re durable and efficient, for starters. But they’re not exactly the most scenic option. If you’re thinking of putting one up but are concerned you’ll start to feel like you’re living in a prison, don’t worry! There are dozens of ways you can beautify your practical fencing choice. Here are a few of our favorites:

Add some privacy slats

Privacy slats for chain link fences aren’t hard to come by. They’re a simple solution, and they can even be temporary! You can weave them in for a while you work on a more permanent solution, or you can buy durable slats and leave them in as long as you like. There’s a lot of variety in what you can find as well. Choose from several different colors of plastic, vinyl, or even aluminum. Or if you prefer you can get wooden slats. Some come in beautiful, high-quality woods like redwood.

A variation on this is to use wider boards to cover the fence. One popular solution is to use the wood from pallets to cover the fence. The chain link fence supports the wood of the pallets, lends durability, and ensures that any openings are too tight for even little animals to burrow through. The pallet wood can even be painted or varnished.

Use your green thumb

For a more natural solution, start digging. Plant full-foliage bushes close together to hide the fence from view. You can also add flowers or smaller plants in front of the bushes the add layers to your new garden.

For a less work-intensive solution, you may choose to simply hang flower baskets along the fence. This lends a lot of charm without requiring yards of digging, planting, and weeding. Just make sure the baskets are watered frequently and repotted every now and again.

If you’re looking for something easy that will hide the fence completely, consider planting a climbing vine or something similar. Look for plants that are recommended for trellises, like clematis or confederate jasmine. This solution takes a little time because the plants have to grow big enough to cover the fence, but soon you’ll have a beautiful flowering plant covering the fence.

Encourage your artistic side

Thinking outside the box a little can turn your fence into a work of art. Consider weaving a colorful design or picture into your fence using yarn, then swap it out with a new art installation when the yarn gets old. Try “embroidering” your fence with metal wires to add an interesting design. You can also add in the privacy slats we talked about above and spray paint a mural. Or just look around your house and see what can be woven in or attached. There’s no limit to what you can do with a little imagination.