Why a Double Drive Gate Pays for Itself

Without a proper gate, your residential or commercial property lacks definition in terms of where it ends and where it begins. Thus, a gate around the perimeter is essential, and the most important aspect of your gate will always be the driveway gate. A gate at the entrance to your property can provide both security and aesthetic value. Your drive gate will convey a variety of details about your home or organization, so be sure that you plan wisely when selecting this property feature.

As you shop for driveway gates, never underestimate the appeal of a double drive gate. A double drive gate can offer so much more than a single-piece drive gate. In fact, a double gate at your entrance will virtually pay for itself.

Consider the following points while making this important decision:


You may find that double drive gates come in more sizes and styles than single-piece gates. This automatically yields more possibilities, affording you greater freedom to acquire the gate that suits your needs and preferences. You could find that since you have more options, you can find a product that meets your budgetary needs, as well.


When you have a double drive gate installed on your property, it will consume half of the swing space that a single piece would require. Why? This is because a continuous piece will swing out at double the distance than the door on a double gate. If your driveway is limited in length, then a double drive gate will be the more logical choice.


Because a single-piece gate is larger and heavier than two smaller pieces, the posts will naturally need to be more heavy duty. That translates into more money spent on the materials for such a project. With a double drive gate, you may spend less on the posts – and that is money that you can put to good use elsewhere.


Single-piece drive gates are larger and more cumbersome than double drive gates. This means that a single drive gate will be more expensive to ship than a double gate. It also means that installing the single piece will require more time and labor than a gate with double doors. As you have probably already guessed, additional time and labor equal higher cost overall.


A double drive gate just looks better than a single piece gate! It offers far more aesthetic appeal, and this may, in turn, increase the value of your property. Depending on the style you select, a double drive gate can lend an air to your property that is elegant and stately or dramatic and even theatrical. If you are buying a gate for a commercial property, a spectacular double gate at the entrance could even help to attract more business.


When you are shopping for a gate to complete your driveway, keep all of these points in mind. By opting for a double drive gate, you could save money in several ways. Ultimately, you may heighten the aesthetic value of your property with a double drive gate, and that can increase the overall value. In many ways, a double drive gate will pay for itself in terms of shipping costs, labor, materials, and visual appeal.