What Your Fence Says About You

The type of fence you choose to install around your home will probably be decided mostly on the basis of utility and function, but it should also be the kind of structure that reflects your personality and tells the world something about you personally. For instance, your fence might be a statement about how you enjoy socializing with your Knox County neighbors, or it might tell them how much you value privacy.

Your fence could also convey your love of decorative and ornate surroundings, perhaps in your Maryville, TN gated community, or it might simply show that your dog’s quality of outdoor life is very important to you. Here are some of the ways that particular kinds of fences reveal a bit about your perspective on life.


Some of the shorter fences made of wood or vinyl might do well at defining your home’s boundaries and adding a neat appearance to your home, but they won’t deter a motivated burglar. It might take a determined thief no more than a good running jump to breach the security of such a low fence, so if security is really important to you, a better choice might be a fence with tall, vertical bars, perhaps made of iron. To you it says ‘safety’, to a burglar it says ‘try somewhere else’.


If you’re a pet lover and your dog’s outdoor life really matters to you, a chain-link fence might be just what you need. It will be strong enough to keep pets in and neighbors out, while at the same time providing the dog with a great view of the neighborhood. By making the fence tall enough that your pet can’t jump over the top of it, you’ll be keeping it safely contained, but still able to see everything nearby.


Today’s picket fence is a serious upgrade from the kind Tom Sawyer used to whitewash for his Aunt Polly. While you can certainly still avail yourself of the charming wooden picket fence from that bygone era, the vinyl picket fence of today is virtually immune from weathering and will not require any whitewashing to keep it sparkling and attractive. You can also choose from a variety of colors, heights, and potential edgings that suit your taste.


As you might guess, an iron fence will provide both privacy and protection from outside influences, especially if it’s installed to a significant height. But you can also make a statement with this type of fence about your love for things that are stylish, highly decorative, and sophisticated. This kind of fence also conveys a sense of permanence and continuity over time, a perfect choice for someone who loves Eastern Tennessee, and intends to put down roots.


To learn more about fencing choices and which ones might best suit your needs and your personality, contact usat LC Fence and let us answer any and all questions you might have.