Seven Tips For Tearing Down an Old Fence

Tearing down an old fence sometimes proves challenging. Consider these seven tips to help make this task easier:

One: Check Legal Issues First!

Experts recommend always consulting local laws and homeowner association rules (if applicable) before tearing down a fence. Particularly if this structure borders a property line, you’ll want to make certain you possess the right to discard it. Consulting in advance with neighboring property owners about your plans makes sense, too.

Two: Evaluate Fence Materials

Carefully evaluate the fencing materials. An old stone or in-ground iron fence typically will prove far more difficult to remove than a wood, wire, vinyl or chain-link fence.

Three: Decide On Disposal Options

Will you discard your old fence in a public landfill? Or donate parts of the fence to a recycling company? If you simply wish to replace a good fence with another model, you might even consider selling the fencing material.

Four: Assemble Tools

The required tools will depend in large measure upon the type of fence you plan to remove. Very dilapidated fences may require few tools. It makes sense to wear work gloves and heavy-soled shoes, and to bring along a shovel, pliers (or wire cutters), a mallet, and a wheel barrow (or a small cart) to transport any heavy discarded materials.

Five: Recruit Assistance if Necessary

If you plan to remove an intact solid welded metal fence or a stone or cement fence, seeking professional assistance usually saves time. You may need to request help from a fence installation company or a welder. Asking other people to help you remove heavy or bulky fencing helps prevent accidents as you tear down portions of the structure.

Six: Evaluate Post Condition

Depending upon your future plans, consider retaining in-ground fence posts if they appear solid and you plan to erect the same type fence in the same location. Checking with a professional fencing company may prove helpful. Digging up these materials will require effort. Use wire cutters and pliers to disassemble fencing material from the post. Consider rolling up wire, chain link, or mesh fencing and removing wooden fencing in panel form. Dig up unstable posts. Solid metal bar, brick or stone fencing will usually require professional assistance to tear down.

Seven: Clean Up Carefully

After tearing down an old fence, especially one in poor condition, it usually proves helpful to police the grounds carefully to collect debris. For example, remove any scattered nails or boards to prevent accidents.

Rebuilding Options

Frequently, property owners replace old fences with new, more attractive structures. Hiring a qualified, experienced fence installation firm assists this process, especially if you lack previous fence construction experience.

Today a great variety of excellent cost-effective fencing materials contributes to the appearance and utility of residences and commercial buildings. Replacing an old fence with a brand new one can offer years of satisfaction!