Invisible Pet Fencing Versus Standard Fencing

The purpose of fencing is to both contain and protect. Standard fencing varies from chicken wire to thick 6 gauge chain link fencing made of steel wire fabric. Livestock owners solved the problem of horses and cows simply pushing through or stomping down fencing with their strength by switching to barbed wired and then electric fences to use pain to ensure containment. Electric dog fences utilize the same principle. Here are the differences between invisible pet fences and standard fencing types available today.

Ease of Install

Both invisible pet fencing and standard fencing can be do-it-yourself projects or professionally installed. Invisible pet fencing installs quickly, only needing a wire to be buried around the perimeter limit of where the pet is allowed to venture. However, invisible fencing requires diligence and patience in training your pet, and the time that takes can vary greatly as well as produce mixed results. Standard fencing creates a hard barrier that is ready as soon as it is installed.

The Electric Collar Module

Standard fencing does not require any training. Invisible fencing requires an electronic collar module with electric probes that contact your pet’s skin to deliver a shock when the fence perimeter is crossed. The collar module is capable of sensing the buried wire, and it will shock your pet when it gets too close to it. Training requires specific steps that take time so your pet never associates the shock with the collar module as then it will only obey the fence perimeter while the module is worn. This is critical as the collar module is not made for constant daily wear as the probes can harm your pet’s skin over time. Training takes time and patience, beginning with your pet wearing an inactive module for a few days to weeks before the shock training begins.

Standard Fencing Keeps Other Animals Out

A standard fence is the only reliable way of keeping other pets from coming into your yard. If you live in an area where you occasionally see a roaming dog or have wildlife that are a risk to your pet, then a standard fence acts as a perimeter barrier not only to contain your pet but also to keep other animals out. An invisible dog fence does nothing to protect your pet from being attacked by another pet that has gotten loose and is wandering the neighborhood.

Consider Other People

Invisible pet fences can work well to keep your pet behind the buried wire, and this can make for an open view to your yard not obstructed by any fencing material. However, your neighbor who is out jogging or out walking his dog is not likely to be aware that your barking dog running toward him is going to stop and not attack because your dog is contained by a wire buried under the ground. A standard fence clearly indicates there is a boundary separating your dog from your property and public access areas such as the sidewalk in front of your home.

Standard Fencing Options Available Today

If you are not wanting to subject your pets to pain-based electric shock training to keep them from leaving your property, there are regular fencing options available today that increase the curb appeal of your property while still providing a functional barrier to contain your pets and protect them. There are decorative fencing options available that provide security as well as an appealing look. You have the choice of fencing materials from vinyl to aluminum and even the tried-and-true chain link fence if that is what you prefer. Before opting for an invisible fence that works by shocking your pet, take a look at the modern decorative fencing options available to beautify your property.

Invisible pet fencing requires commitment to training and your willingness to let your pet wear an electronic device that trains through pain compliance methods. It installs fast but can require weeks of commitment to daily training. A standard fence can be installed in a few days or less. Invisible fences rely on the technology not failing. A standard fence does not require any batteries to protect your pet from getting out or other animals getting in.