Ideas for Building the Perfect Backyard Fence

By its simplest definition, a fence is a barrier that encloses a certain area. It may be intended to enclose an area, provide privacy or prevent intrusion, but in addition to these simple functions, a fence can be so much more when designed and built properly.

The best backyard fences serve their practical purpose, but they also add a level of beauty and taste in addition to the functionality. A good fence can be an integral part of the landscape of a home, and a great fence can help define the building it surrounds. However, before you can begin to design the perfect backyard fence, there are a few considerations to determine first.


Even though a great backyard fence can stand alone as a piece of landscaping architecture, it is still functional structure, first and foremost. In fact, you may care very little for how the fence impacts the aesthetic of your backyard, as long as it serves its purpose.

Therefore, the first thing that must be considered when designing any fence is the purpose that said fence is intended to serve. Are you wanting a solid, high partition that will give your backyard a level of privacy, or you do you simply need a small enclosure for a backyard garden? Or you may be looking for a fence that will keep unsupervised little ones away from the pool and keep the neighbor’s dog out of your flowerbeds. Whatever the case, the purpose of your fence will impact every aspect of its design and construction.


Most backyard fences are still made from wood, but vinyl is becoming increasingly popular. Chain link is also still common for simplicity, and wrought iron is more readily available than ever before. More creative individuals may even use unconventional materials such as repurposed wood, bicycle wheels or even surfboards.

Budget, land area and other factors will obviously influence your backyard fence ideas, but here are a few suggestions that may fit your needs.


For most people, there is no need to get too crazy with your backyard fence design. The classic wooden privacy fence can serve multiple purposes at once, and they can be very budget-friendly. Most privacy fences are approximately six feet high, but the height will depend on your individual needs and local building codes.


Pool fences are usually very similar to classic privacy fences, but that does not mean it has to be boring. If privacy is not a concern, you can use wrought iron or other metal fencing. Vinyl fencing is increasingly popular for pools, due to its durability and variety of styles.


If you want a fence that displays your artistic side, there are tons of options available. The material you choose will often depend upon your budget, but many people are building fences with “found” materials like old bicycle wheels, wood pallets, car parts, logs and other creative items. The list of possibilities is literally endless, and this can be a great outlet for your creativity.


Your backyard fence does not have to be limited to one material. Many modern fences are made of a combination of wood, metal, brick, stone or other materials. These combination fences are often seen in upscale areas and can add to the beauty of a home.

No matter what type of fence you need, there will always be multiple options available. Whether it is a tall privacy fence or a simple garden enclosure, you will have the freedom to choose a material, style and size of fence that perfectly fits your backyard.