How Do You Know It’s Time for a New Fence?

For most homeowners, a fence around the home is a necessity they wouldn’t think twice about. After all, how else would you keep strangers from looking into your yard? If you already have a fence but have noticed that it’s not in as good of shape as it was last year, you may be thinking of purchasing a new one. While certainly a great investment for your home, peace of mind, and privacy, is a new fence really necessary? Below you’ll find the top signs that you do need a replacement fence.


When you look at your fence from the inside or outside, do you notice that the wood isn’t straight? With the intense weather that East Tennessee can see throughout the year, this could be causing the wood to rot. This is especially true if the fence is older and has gone through a few particularly bad storm seasons. As a result of the weather’s impact, the wood boards can begin bending, bulging, and falling to the left or right.


The nails, screws, and metal fasteners that hold your fence together can begin to fall out when the wood starts to deteriorate. If you can walk up to your fence and see that the hardware is loose or on the ground, don’t take the risk. Not only is this dangerous because the fence can easily fall down, the nails can be hazards if they’re walked on.


A few cracks in the boards that make up your fence are inevitable, however, if these begin to get worse, that’s a sign replacement is critical. This is normally the result of hot and dry summers, which East Tennessee experiences quite frequently. Due to the fact that cracked boards are easier to push down, this can leave your home more susceptible to break-ins.


It’s possible to have your fence repaired, but this will only buy you time until more repairs are needed. In time this could end up costing you much more than you’d pay for a brand new fence that wouldn’t need repairs for quite some time. For this reason, investing in a new fence could be the more affordable choice of the two.


One of the top reasons most people install a fence is because of privacy concerns. This can be ruined when the wooden boards are falling over, falling down, deteriorating, and crumbling. Boards can even shrink from exposure to high temperatures and rain, leaving large gaps that can make it easy to see inside your yard.


Whether you’re thinking about adopting a pet or already have one, a fence can help keep them safe and secure in the perimeter around your home. If you’ve noticed that your dog can get through a loose board or an area of your fence has fallen down from them jumping, repairs often won’t help. A new fence, however, can provide the strength needed to stand up to even a larger pet.


If you’ve noticed any of the five signs above, then it may be time to invest in a new fence. Although this will be an out of pocket cost, it will be worth it for the privacy, security, and beauty that it can offer. What’s even better is that a quality fence that’s installed by a professional can last for a long time so you can enjoy it for years to come.