Four Advantages of a Fenced-In Yard

Fences can be incredibly beneficial to a homeowner. There are lots of options for fencing in your yard. You can choose a tall privacy fence to enclose your space or an open wrought iron option to keep your view. Whichever you choose, a fence can be a wonderful addition.


Arguably the best benefit of having a fenced yard is privacy. A fence can keep your yard out of sight from other people nearby. A yard is a great addition to your living space, but doesn’t always seem so if you feel like you constantly have an audience. If you don’t want the entire neighborhood watching you sunbathe or seeing your embarrassing dance moves, consider adding a privacy fence to your yard.

Not all fences provide this benefit, however. Consider adding full trees, shrubs, or lattices if you prefer a wrought iron or chain link fence and still want the added privacy.


Fences can help provide added security by keeping things you want inside your yard and keeping things you don’t want out. You can feel more secure allowing your children to play in a fenced-in yard. This can keep them from accessing nearby ponds or swimming pools without your knowledge. It can keep them from running out into the street or too far away from your home and getting lost.

It can also help keep your yard secure from dangerous threats. A fence can help keep some dangerous animals out your yard. It can also help keep your garden and plants safe and keep your yard from becoming a giant bathroom for stray animals. A fence can also deter strangers from coming on your property. Just make sure to keep your gates closed and locked.


A fence can be a must-have for a lot of pet owners. It can be hard to train a new dog to stay put in your yard. Even some fences don’t keep all pets contained. Be sure that your fence and gate are secure and there are no escape opportunities, such as a loose board or space to dig underneath. You don’t want to be the nuisance in the neighborhood by having a pet that runs amok.

Fences are also good for your pet’s safety. You don’t want to have to worry about your pet running out into the street and getting hurt, or getting lost. Also, you want to protect your furry friend from people with bad intentions. Keeping your pet in your yard also protects you from being liable if you pet misbehaves out of fear or confusion.


Constantly have people or pets traipsing into your yard? Are you left awkwardly asking to be excused from get-togethers you didn’t plan? A fence can help you spend time outdoors without involving the entire neighborhood.

Not just that, but defining your yard’s boundaries can help you avoid unwanted conversations. Avoid the he-said, she-said arguments with your neighbors. A fence can clearly define what is your yard and what is not. This way, there is no question of liability if there’s any kind of accident. Plus, you are only responsible for the upkeep of your own lawn, trees, and shrubs. And, of course, your new fence.

Ready to make being a home owner a little easier? Talk with a qualified professional to see what kind of fence you would benefit from most.