Driveway Fencing Ideas

There are many reasons to consider fencing the driveway of your home or business. From the viewpoint of aesthetics, a long, elegant wall framing the entrance to your home or business is a statement that sculpts the view of your landscape to suit your needs and the view of your guests or clients of you. From the viewpoint of safety, a locking gate to keep trespassers away from you and your family, or you and your business is something worth investing in. No matter the reason you’ve chosen to pursue your fencing needs, our company would like to offer some ideas to get you started.

Start by deciding what kind of fencing you would like. Perhaps you would like a more rustic, worn wooden fence, or a crisp and straightforward metal piece. You will want something that suits your needs and complements the color and design of your home, and below we offer a few of our ideas.


A very natural look is to pair short stone walls with little wooden fencing. It provides a solid wall as a base and can be easily worked into the natural landscape. The stonework is a match for a wide variety of landscape and design, able to mesh with, many colors and follows the natural landscape well. The wooden fence fashioned atop it further frames and sculpts the view around it.


A simple and straightforward idea is wooden panels to deal with changes in elevation or terrain. Flat wooden panels connected to one another form a sheer wooden fence, the posts measured and placed carefully to adjust for elevation along your driveway. These adjustments make it that much harder to pass by, and the solid panels keep nosy neighbors from looking in, as well as afford some protection from ambient noise. It is also a clean, simple look for framing your home and landscape. It doesn’t afford the same elegance as the idea above, but it does provide lots of privacy.


A common and graceful idea is a brick and wrought iron gate. It makes an excellent pair to a brick home, and the brick accents and black metal that is curved and shaped make a lovely frame. It is also a sturdy choice, brick and metal are both solid materials that will last a long time. While this style of a fence does not afford as much privacy, it does afford an elegant and classic look to any landscape and lends an air of aristocracy to your home.


Metal and natural stonework also make a very nice choice. This is a more modern, but just as elegant, look for your home. The metal posts and wrought gate keep the air and whimsy of the brick and metal gates, and the natural stonework suits a more lush landscape. It gives a much simpler, relaxed look to your landscape while maintaining the professional air around your home or business.


Last, but not least in any sense of the word, we would suggest a simple fence and gate of paneled wood, something robust and warmly colored. It has a rustic and welcoming look, familiar wooden posts and boards layered in varying ways create a country house feel, even if the home itself is relatively modern in nature. They can also be painted to meet your needs, or stained and left with their near-natural color. It affords a simple frame and allows customization in many different directions.

These are only some of the many possibilities available in a vast sea of design ideas, and all in all, each person’s needs will be unique. But they provide a useful starting point to deciding what you want from your fence and gate, and how it will compliment your already existing landscape and home. We hope that you will find this short guide helpful as you step off into the process of designing the perfect fence for your home or business.