Don’t Get Burned by Dishonest Fencing Companies

Finding a reliable fencing company is a major challenge that many homeowners face today. It is good to be cautious when choosing a fencing contractor. Some can run away with your hard-earned money and fail to do the job you paid for.

At LC Fence, we always want our clients to feel safe. We offer exceptional fencing services. We are the best in the region because we have a qualified team and advanced equipment that allows us to satisfy our customers. Below are essential tips to consider for getting a reliable fencing contractor.


The reputation of a company and experience of the staff members go hand in hand. If you want to know details about certain fencing contractors, ask for references. Then contact these references for information about the quality of work provided by the company you want to hire for the fencing of your yard.


It is risky to hire the services of a fencing company that does not have a valid license. Therefore, when shopping for a fencing contractor, you should check the validity of their license.

Additionally, it is advisable to choose a bonded and insured company.


Online reviews can provide you with helpful information about fencing contractors. Most clients leave comments on various online platforms after getting fencing services. Therefore, these testimonials will guide you to choose a reputable company in your area.

Moreover, you should ensure that the contractor has a website where you can see their previous projects and testimonials about their work.


A common trap for fraudulent companies is to ask for an upfront deposit before starting work. When they get the deposit, they vanish into thin air — leaving you without your money and no fence. Don’t fall for this trick! At LC Fence, we won’t bill you until our work is complete.

At LC Fence, we value our clients and serve them with respect. Contact us if you’re looking for a reliable, honest fence company that will never let you down.