Do Your Homework on Rules and Regulations Before Building a Fence

Whether you are building a fence in Lenoir City, Kingston, Rockford, or Knoxville, you will need to know a few important details first. Be sure that you identify the boundaries of your property, as well as any rules and regulations that may have an impact on your plans. By investing the time to look into these matters before you initiate the building process, you could spare yourself from much hassle and stress.

Consider these factors before you make any major decisions about your new fence:


Before you order a fence, it is your responsibility to know the boundaries of your property. If you do not learn where these are and cannot provide documentation to prove it, then getting your land surveyed should be one of your first steps. If it has been longer than five years since your land was surveyed, consider having this done again in the interest of accuracy.


Once you have established the property lines, you should check for any laws, ordinances, and codes that could affect the construction of your fence, such as height limitations. You will need to search for such resources as the Tennessee Building Code, the State Residential Building Code Enforcement Program, and the Uniform Commercial Code. If your fence will be built on a commercial property, you may want to call the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance for more information.


You should also check with your local homeowners association (HOA) for rules that pertain to fences in your neighborhood. Depending on the type of property you own, you may also need to adhere to certain covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CCRs). If you don’t know how to gain access to this information, you will need to search online for your local HOA, as well as any CCRs that may be relevant to your property.


Regardless of local ordinances and the rules of your HOA, make an effort to be considerate of your neighbors. If you are having a fence installed in a place that has not had one previously, you might inform your adjoining neighbors that you are having one constructed (and you could even be required to do this). Keep in mind that the finished side of the fence should face your neighbors and the street.


You may be daunted by the thought of researching the laws and regulations in place, but you must heed them before you construct your fence. It is far better to spend the time and energy doing this beforehand than to discover later that you made an avoidable mistake. You should be able to enjoy your new fence for many years if you do a little homework now.