Decorating your Fence for Christmas

The leaves have fallen. The sun sets earlier. The air, crisp and clean, smells like winter. You’re feeling the anticipation that Christmas brings.  Family and friends will soon be stopping by, maybe after visiting the Holiday Homecoming Celebration in Norris Dam State Park. You’ll share a cup of warm cider, eggnog, and some holiday treats.   You’ll soon be standing around the Christmas tree or cozying up to the fireplace, celebrating the hope of Christmas.

Bright and beautiful decorations inside and outside your home help welcome the Christmas season.  Be sure to include the entryway to your home, including your fence, in your decorating plan.  Your exterior decorations are like the wrapping paper on a special present.  When you see smiles, bright eyes and hear ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, you’ll know you’ve brought the light and excitement of Christmas to life.


Your choice of decorations for your fence may reflect the type of fence or architectural style of your home.  You may have personal favorites you want to include.  However your decorating plan comes together, we wanted to share some theme ideas to spark your creativity.

  • Traditional – use garlands of greens, artificial or live, accented with red ribbon or large red bows. This style will flatter your landscaping with a bit of color to brighten darkening days.  Add gold lights to the garlands for additional warmth.
  • Low Country – loop a garland of sea rope around your fence posts and hang individual pine cones or bunches of holly at the curves. If this is a DIY project, you could also create starfish decorations using five pine cones glued together and accented with wooden craft flowers.  Hang small solar lanterns on the rope to light the way home.
  • Modern or Contemporary – greenery can play a role in a modern design, especially when combined with large red, silver and white round Christmas ornaments. Or you can use a white artificial garland and hang silver and gold ornaments throughout.  Soft white lights can provide a sparkly glow.
  • Rustic – combine green garlands with burlap ribbons or bows. Tie snow-tipped pinecones to the garland, adding bunches of winterberries or holly for a homey touch. Consider including gold light strands for star-like twinkles.
  • Bright Lights – if you decorate your home with bright Christmas lights, be sure to extend the halo to your fence. Run lighting across the fence top, or create curving loops of lights to showcase the fence surface. You can also use icicle lights to some add fun and visual variety.


If you do decide to use lights in your fence decorating plan, be sure to follow these general guidelines for safe displays.

  • Use lights certified for outdoor use.
  • Check light sets for damaged or broken lights or sockets, frayed wires or loose connections and either repair or replace the damaged elements or strands.
  • Use only three strands of lights per extension cord to avoid overloading.
  • If you are decorating a solid wood fence, be sure to fasten the lights (or the lighted garlands) to the fence using insulated staples to prevent wind damage. You can also string the lights or garlands through small hooks.
  • Make sure you have lights plugged into ground fault circuit interrupters so you aren’t shocked when decorating.

Enjoy the Christmas season, and have fun decorating your fence for Christmas!