Brick House Fence Ideas

Giving your house the best curb appeal starts with the fence. When you have a brick home, you need to choose a fence that enhances, not blocks, those beautiful bricks!

With so many choices when it comes to fencing, it takes a special eye to know what works and what doesn’t. A home designer’s expertise can be expensive, so let us offer these three classy fence ideas that will enhance your brick home.



There’s something about metal fencing that brings out the earthy appeal of a brick-sided home.

Whether you choose the coal-black of straight wrought iron, the filigreed appeal of cast iron coils, or something in between, a metal fence will compliment your brick house without distracting passersby from it.

Wrought iron is sturdy and strong; cast iron requires a little more care but can be much more decorative. Other metallic options — like aluminum fencing — are also great compliments to brick and look much like wrought iron when they are properly powder coated. They also show off a lower cost, less weight, and fewer maintenance needs.

Opt for spires atop your metal fence to give your home a more commanding and classical look.


A wood fence can be initially attractive because of cost and ease of maintenance, but installing one around your brick home does your curb appeal a disservice. Wood’s plain look alone does nothing to enhance your home’s brick exterior and, instead, can have the opposite effect by dulling it down.

If you desire to include wood in your fencing to soften the character of your brick house, consider installing a fence made of both wood and metal, or wood with brick or stone accents, like brick columns or a brick base topped with a colorful wood plank fence.

Take a look at these fences for more ideas.

Instead of wood, you may decide to opt for a faux wood material, like vinyl, that is crafted to look like wood but with a longer life and fewer maintenance needs (and a little more cost).


If you prefer the security (and privacy) of a solid property barrier, opt for a solid brick wall instead of a wooden fence. Solid brick walls are more expensive to build and require regular maintenance (like filling in mortar that’s fallen out, or checking routinely for cracks), but there’s no match for them in the “impenetrable” category.

A solid wall doesn’t necessarily have to be plain, either. Accents can be added to give the wall unique flair. Altering textures of brick; laying brick differently to add dimension or peering holes; adding different color bricks or accents to create an artistic design into the wall… Options are almost endless!

In conclusion, when looking into fencing for your brick house, consider these points:

  • Material (e.g. wood, brick, metal, or a combination thereof)
  • Do you want solid or see-through?
  • Initial Cost
  • Long-term Maintenance

Talk to a fencing expert to decide what will look best with your brick home and budget. Also remember the fencing itself doesn’t have to be the end of your house’s curb appeal: You can choose to further enhance your home’s exterior by adding decorative hedges, shrubbery, or other landscaping accents.

So keep an open mind when sitting down to design your fence. You may be surprised with what you and your fencing expert come up with!