Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Also known as cyclone or hurricane fencing, chain link fences are a popular way to enclose backyards, playgrounds, sports facilities and industrial areas throughout East Tennessee. With support posts firmly cemented in the ground, the woven, interlocking steel wire fence offers stability and strength that can withstand gale force winds that can occur during tornado season. A chain link fence is the most versatile and affordable option for many of our residential and commercial customers. Whether you need a temporary or permanent enclosure, you should consider the many benefits of a chain link fence.


The versatility of chain link fencing enables it to be used in a wide range of applications. It creates a security barrier in residential, commercial, industrial and governmental settings. The continuously woven mesh prevents entrance through the fence thereby requiring individuals to use controlled access points. Depending upon your security needs, the fence is available in a variety of heights and features like barbed wire tops to prevent climbing.


There are several types of chain link fencing available. In addition to the traditional silver steel color, you can choose from a wide range of color-coated options to make the zigzag diamond pattern more aesthetically pleasing. The fencing material is also available in a range of thicknesses, styles and colors that enable you to match your architectural or landscape designs.

If there is insufficient room for a traditional swinging gate, you have the option to install a sliding entrance that can be manually or automatically opened. The fencing can also be installed with a walkthrough entrance. The width of the entrance can help improve or control the flow of traffic as necessary. The links can be left open for visibility or strips can be installed to limit the view through the fence.


Unlike other types of fencing, a chain link barrier is easier for professionals to install and remove. Because of its design, the posts securing the fence in place can be removed. The fencing material can also be rolled up and moved to another location. This enables the fence to be relocated between job sites and industrial facilities relatively quickly, which permits an organization to use the material for multiple applications.


Another important aspect of chain link is its lower cost when compared to other types of fence materials offering similar visibility and strength characteristics. Once it is installed, chain link is easy to maintain, which minimizes maintenance costs. Chain link fencing is popular in East Tennessee because it provides remarkable security at a fraction of the cost.


Manufactured from galvanized steel, chain link is designed to withstand the elements for many years. The material can be coated or painted to prevent corrosion and increase its longevity. Should the fence be damaged, it is relatively easy to cut and replace the sections. This eliminates the need to replace the entire barrier. If a coating chips away, it can be touched up and resealed.

Quicker to install than other types of fencing and wall materials, chain link offers visibility, security and durability as well as a variety of options along with the possibility of cost savings. Because of its many features and benefits, chain link fences are a popular option for many East Tennessee homes and businesses.