Baseball Backstop Fencing

The function of backstop fencing is to ensure the safety of the players. It also protects the wall and fences of the ballpark. It also gives a stadium a better and more professional look. The backstop fencing has to be made from structurally-sound materials that can withstand a certain amount of force and different weather conditions.



These are the most economical ones. Standard backstops are constructed using standard thinner poly foam pads and are used mostly for high schools stadiums, colleges, and youth fields. This kind of backstop offers immediate protection to players from the fencing, concrete, and brick walling. Moreover, the fencing is protected from any fouled balls.


These backstops are of a higher quality than the standard ones and are common sights in college and high school stadiums. Pro-style backstops are designed using a poly foam core wrapped in a thick vinyl cover. The design enables the backstop to endure for a long period under different extreme weather conditions.

You can affix these backstops on different types of walls, including brick, wood, concrete, and chain link. Their quality is relatively higher, hence they give a more professional look to a stadium.


These are the highest quality of backstops and can be seen in many stadiums in the minor and major league games. The back of these backstops is fixed with plywood to offer structural stability and reinforcement to the pads. These backstops endure different weather conditions and can also withstand strong winds.


If you have been wondering how to get your school logo or town byline on the backstops in the stadium, graphic backstops are your answer. These backstops can be built and painted in different colors and be fitted with varying logos. They are very common in college and professional stadiums.

Clearly, every baseball stadium requires a backstop to protect players and also for the aesthetics. They can be either bought from or custom-made for a field by a backstop fencing company. To buy one, you simply need to get one with the correct measurements. If you want a custom-made one, the company will send a representative to get the measurements of the field and establish the preferences of the buyer. The backstop is then constructed and installed on the field.

Fencing companies also make temporary backstops that can be removed at any time, though permanent ones are most common. The kind of backstop you choose is dependent on your needs and budget. East Tennessee simply loves baseball and if you have a team in the area and are wondering where to get durable and attractive backstops, get in touch with the East Tennessee Fence Company today by visiting their Website.