3 Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Digging Under Your Fence

No one wants their dog to escape, but, due to the ingenuity of some dogs, this can be rather hard to prevent. In order to prevent this, some people build fences around their property. Unfortunately, some dogs tend to dig under the fence and escape. But, dog owners need not worry, as there are a variety of ways that can help prevent your dog from digging under your fence. The following ways are just a few of the many ways you can keep your property secure and your dogs enclosed.


While it may some unorthodox, you can actually use household cooking ingredients in order to deter your dog from digging under your fence. Dogs, like humans, dislike particular tastes and smells, so you can use this to your advantage. Dogs hate the smell of spicy ingredients; therefore, you can bury things like chili powder and cayenne pepper along the fence. The dog will smell the spicy ingredients and usually decide to dig somewhere else or not dig at all.


As amazing as dogs are, they aren’t unstoppable. Thanks to their lack of opposable thumbs and less than stellar motor skills, dog owners can bury certain materials that block the dog from digging. One of the easiest solutions is to bury large rocks along the fence. As dogs cannot lift items with their paws and are not strong enough to lift heavy objects with their mouths, the rocks should be impossible to move. You can also try simply laying the rocks above-ground along the base of the fence.
Another simple option is to use chicken wire to stop the dog from digging. Burying the chicken wire or laying it along the base of the fence deters the dog without hurting it. After they realize that the chicken wire makes them uncomfortable, they usually leave the area with the chicken wire alone. Some people also bury balloons slightly below the surface because the texture of the balloon makes the dog feel uncomfortable.
The final and most mainstream way of using materials to stop your dog from digging under the fence is simply by pouring cement in the places where your dog is digging. Thankfully, dogs are not strong enough dig through cement, and you do not have to replace the cement like you would with balloons, chili powder, and cayenne pepper.


According to many dog experts, one of the reasons that dogs generally dig is simply because they are bored. Based on this, making sure your dog is not bored should help. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that your dog has enough toys to keep it occupied. If your dog has plenty of toys, your dog may spend its energy playing with them rather than digging under the fence. Usually, the most effective toys for this purpose are toys with treats inside that the dogs can access through manipulating the toy. Two final ways to make sure your dog is not bored enough to dig under your fence is to leave the dog with a sitter if you leave it outside for a long period of time and to walk your dog regularly so it does not have a large amount of unspent energy.

Hopefully, with the above methods, you should be able to stop your dog from digging under your fence. There are a wide variety of other methods to try, but these are just some of the most recommended methods. If none of these methods work, please consult your veterinarian for advice.